STD Codes for Cities in Mizoram with Land line Numbers

S.T.D Code numbers and Land line Numbers for landline telephones operated by BSNL in the state of Mizoram with LDCA, SDCA and Service Area details.

S.T.D Code City District LDCA SDCA Service Area
389AizawalAizawlMizoram (aizwal)AizawalNE
3830ChampaiChamphaiMizoram (aizwal)Champai-ii (chiapui)NE
3831Champai-iChamphaiMizoram (aizwal)Champa-iNE
3834DemagiriLungleiMizoram (aizwal)DemagiriNE
3837KolasibKolasibMizoram (aizwal)KolasibNE
372LunglehLungleiMizoram (aizwal)LunglehNE
3835Saiha-iSaihaMizoram (aizwal)Saiha-iNE
3838SerchipAizawlMizoram (aizwal)Aizwal-ii (serchip)NE
3836TuipangSaihaMizoram (aizwal)Saiha-ii (tuipang)NE